Here are some of the games, helpers and guides that I used while teaching Maths:


  • When an ex-student of mine asked for help learning about domain and range for functions in Algebra, I came up with this guide.
  • When I started teaching, I wanted to work out how all of the topics in Maths related and a sublevel/gcse grade that matched. This way I could easily give next-step comments and objectives without much research. The levels and grades were taken out of textbooks, and may or may not be accurate. Use these as a rough guide. You can click the pencil and edit the original files in a program called View Your Mind. The result is these mind maps:


    Shapes, Spaces and Measurements


    Data Handling



  • Here is an interactive number line - Can you guess where the number is on the number line game.
  • Here is a Number Chooser for the interactive whiteboard. Nothing to it really, but you can turn on and off numbers from 0-9.
  • This Fracion Machine can help you show fractions and equivalent fractions visually.
  • Similar to the Fraction Machine above, this Interactive Percent displays visually fractions and their equivalent percentage on a grid.

Shapes Spaces & Measurements

  • Here is an interactive coordinate grid - Can you find where the coordinate is?
  • I used this simple interactive triangle to talk about triangle types before there were tools on the interactive whiteboard that did this.
  • This animated quadrilateral slideshow describes the quadrilateral types. Unfortunately Trapezoid and Trapezium are words that mean something different in the USA and the UK. This was made for one of my classes in the UK and so carries the English meaning.
  • This Angles in Parallel Lines game helped the kids recognise the different types of angles. They are timed too, so it becomes competitive!

Data Handling

  • Here is a Deck of Cards for the interactive whiteboard. It lets you draw a random card from the pack and shuffle.
  • Recognise patterns and fill in missing pieces in the Window Panes Game